WoodWing Elvis DAM – v5.15 introduces new ways to customize Elvis DAM

Back in October the team released Elvis DAM v5.15 with several new items that are pretty cool. Those additions and changes include: 

  1. Plugin integration that levels the playing field between the Desktop and Web Clients
  2. A redesigned, brand-enhancing interface for users downloading or reviewing assets via share links

See the blog post here for more information about the changes.

WoodWing Enterprise – New features of Content Station 10


Content Station 10 continues to evolve. The release at the end of July introduced a slew of ease of use and efficiency improvements and features to the HTML5 based tool. 

Included in the list are things like: 

  • Showing and hiding the Workflow Status of placed objects on InDesign layouts
  • Viewing of layouts in the ‘Spread View’
  • Text with a character style applied is displayed in that style
  • A new style panel for assigning styles in the text editor

You can learn more about these updates here.

As you may know Content Station is part of WoodWing Enterprise, a multi-channel content product system. You can learn more about Enterprise here or over at WoodWing.com

WoodWing Elvis DAM – v5.13 released with watermarking!

WoodWing’s Digital Asset Management tool, Elvis DAM, had a upgrade last week. 

The big feature included in this release is watermarking. 

Watermaking is an essential part of protecting the ownership of your images and in particular is important when making those assets available on Internet. Watermarks can indicate the source of an image, that an image is under ‘embargo’ or prevent the ‘proper’ use of an image until either permission is given or the image is purchased. 

Elvis allows a user to configure the tool so that watermarks show up on ‘shared’ images, all images with the ability to turn off the watermarking based on permissions (such as a status or a tag) or watermarking can just be turned off. 

As you would expect the watermark image can be replaced with your own.

If you are interested in learning more about Elvis DAM surf with your browser over to our web site


WoodWing Inception – Bulk publishing of stories

Inception Landscape Logo Black rgb

The WoodWing product team for Inception has been adding features quite regularly. For this post I’m going to highlight one of the recent additions called ‘bulk publish’. 

Inception is Digital Content Production tool (learn more here) that allows users to create beautiful content using HTML and CSS. Since Inception was created users have been able to push this content to a variety of destinations. These destinations include WoodWing Enterprise, Adobe AEM Mobile, Facebook articles and the like. This publishing process was done on an article by article basis. That is, the user would select the ‘Publish’ icon after completion of the editing process and push that story to one or more destinations. 

‘Bulk Publish’ expands on that by allowing a user to select one or more Stories in the ‘Story View’, select the ‘Publish’ button from within the ‘Story View’ and publish all of the stories out of Inception. 

Inception Bulk publish

In the image above I have selected the stories labeled ‘Space’ and can then select the ‘Publish’ button. This feature required a few changes in the UI behavior of Inception and the addition of the ‘Publish’ button to the ‘Story View’. 

So, in summary, users can now push 1 or more stories out of inception easily and efficiently.

Learn more about Inception here and read the product blog to learn more about this feature.

WoodWing Elvis – Brand Portal

Elvis 1

One of the features that I’m pretty excited about within Elvis is the brand portal. The combination of easy setup of the Brand Portal along with the ease of creating rules that allows access to the assets within the portal make for a pretty powerful tool. 

By making the access to assets (or removing access to assets) as simple as setting a metadata field (status: production) to users of the portal the creative staff can spend more time working on amazing new bits of material rather than managing assets, emailing new stuff to users, etc. 

Elvis Cloud even provides ‘view’ and ‘download’ counts for assets that allows a user to see if an asset is actually being used. 

Learn more about the Elvis and the Brand Portal feature here.

WoodWing Inception – Color swatches & drop shadows

Inception Landscape Logo Black rgb

Back on June 7th i wrote a quick blog post pointing out that the Inception tool has gained a series of small text editing tools. The Inception Product Manager wrote a great blog post on WoodWing.com that gives a bit more detail on the additions to the feature set. 

Here’s the link to the post. 

If you’re interested in Inception you can sign up for a 30-day trial here.

WoodWing Elvis and Salesforce


Imagine this: Your company makes stuff. Crazy, right?

Since you like to sell that stuff there’s a marketing group creating fantastic collateral for the sales staff. There’s another group that creates technical documentation used by a customer support team.

With Elvis those teams can store that material, make it searchable and using access rights and metadata make sure that the right version of the material is available at all times.

The Elvis/Salesforce integration allows a Customer Service Rep or sales staff to quickly access that material in Elvis Cloud, drag and drop it into an email and provide that information to your customers. 

This link will take you to the page on our web site describing the integration. That page has a video showing the integration as well. 

Take a look. If it looks like something you might be interested it, fill out the contact form and let’s talk!