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WoodWing Elvis DAM – v5.13 released with watermarking!

WoodWing’s Digital Asset Management tool, Elvis DAM, had a upgrade last week. 

The big feature included in this release is watermarking. 

Watermaking is an essential part of protecting the ownership of your images and in particular is important when making those assets available on Internet. Watermarks can indicate the source of an image, that an image is under ‘embargo’ or prevent the ‘proper’ use of an image until either permission is given or the image is purchased. 

Elvis allows a user to configure the tool so that watermarks show up on ‘shared’ images, all images with the ability to turn off the watermarking based on permissions (such as a status or a tag) or watermarking can just be turned off. 

As you would expect the watermark image can be replaced with your own.

If you are interested in learning more about Elvis DAM surf with your browser over to our web site


WoodWing Elvis DAM – v5.10

WoodWing’s Elvis DAM keeps getting better. A couple of days ago we released v5.10 which builds upon the last release by adding the following items:

  • Pro client and Brand portal: introduction of the Management Console
  • Pro client and Brand portal: changing the branding style
  • Pro client: changing the file type on check-in

Elvis 5 10 popdown

The first thing that the Management Console can be used for is to change the logo and colors of the brand portal, a feature introduced in v5.9.

You can learn more about the release here and learn more about Elvis DAM over on our web site, woodwing.com

WoodWing elvis v4.5.1 released

We’ve released v4.5.1 of elvis and it has a couple of cool changes. 

Open with default application

New feature that lets a user open a file in the default application using a command key (command-O) or a contextual menu option.

Open with default application


Checking in files

Several changes here include UI changes and the addition of the ability to add a different file to check in. The idea is that you check out a .psd file and want to check in a png file. Naturally that’s just one idea but you get the concept.

Web Client

The web client has a new architecture AND now the ability to select items and use the Share functionality to share items with colleagues. 

Web Client Sharing



All in all another solid elvis release. The product manager and developers are continuing to work hard to make elvis the best DAM on the market.

If you haven’t worked with elvis before swing by the WoodWing web site and give it a try. You can get a 30 day trial here.