WoodWing’s Smart Mover, v10.7.1

This is a small release to address passwords:

This version allows for passwords to be unlimited length.  Previous versions were limited to around 70 characters.

If you did enter and save any Task password longer than 70 characters you may have to delete that Task and re-create it to make sure the password is now stored correctly.  You do not have to delete the entire Process.

WoodWing’s Smart Mover, v10.7

Just a few changes to this version. Integration with Webhooks and some security changes. See the release notes below.

This release includes more new features and enhancements than any in recent memory.  For a complete list visit the Release Notes

Highlights include:

  • Support for WW Assets WebHooks along with new Tasks that access AWS & Google image based Artificial Intelligence services.
  • For improved security, stronger encryption is used to store all passwords, secret keys and other sensitive settings.  
  • The Preferences window has been redesigned to include separate and more comprehensive tabs for WW Assets and Security settings.  The new design minimizes the need to access the machine running Mover Service as you can now change settings that previously required editing the SmartMoverService.conf file.

Important Note:

For the reason noted below, before running this new version you should backup all your settings using the Mover Manager File->Back Settings menu.

All passwords, access keys, secret keys, etc that are stored in the various Task settings files are now more strongly encrypted than in previous versions.  For existing installs, when this version of Smart Mover Service is first started the additional encryption is automatically added.  Great care and testing has been done to make sure this process works correctly but should you start to get any unexpected security related errors simply renter the password for that Process and Task. And please report the name of the problem Task to WoodWing Support.

Updating this encryption does make reverting to a previous version of Smart Mover more difficult as older versions will not be able to decrypt the newly stored passwords.  If for some reason you do need to revert versions you can either re-enter the passwords or revert to the backup mentioned above.  If neither of these are not viable options then contact WoodWing Support.

Learn more about Smart Mover by going to woodwing.com or contacting your local WoodWing partner.

Updating to iOS 14 Public Beta

These steps assume, if you have a new device, that you have gone through the basic steps
setting up the device, getting it on your network, etc.

If you are installing on a older device make sure you have enough storage to install. You’ll need 5 to 6 gigs. To check how much storage you have by going to Settings > General > iPhone Storage.

I. When you are ready…

A. If the device is not plugged in.. plug your device into power

B. Back up your device

C. Using your device go to: https://beta.apple.com

D. Click on the ‘Sign up’ button

E. Sign in using your Apple ID

F. Scroll to the bottom of the ‘agreement’ page and click on ‘Accept’ button to sign your life away

G. You’ll end up on the ‘Guide’ page. Make SURE to select ‘iOS’ if you’re on a phone or
click on ‘iPad OS’ if you are on an iPad.

H. In the ‘Get Started’ area there is a link called ‘enroll your iOS device’ within the text of the paragraph. Click on that link.

II. Installation of the configuration profile

After clicking on the link you’ll come to a page with a set of instructions that include the following:

A. Back up your device. If you’ve already done this great, if not do it now.

B. Install profile – Click on the ‘Download Profile’ button to install the profile

  1. You’ll get a on-screen notification about ‘this web site is trying to download…’
    a. Press the ‘Accept’ button
  2. You will get a notification that the ‘Profile Downloaded.
    a. Press Close.
  3. You may get a notification about backing up the iPhone.
    a. If so, tap on it and it will take you into Settings > iCloud > Backup

    b. If you have backed up great…if not do so.

c. If you are not already there go to the Settings App.

  1. Below your iCloud information you should see an entry titled ‘Profile Downloaded’
  2. Tap on ‘Profile Downloaded’. You’ll be taken to a page titled ‘Install Profile’
  3. Tap on the ‘Install’ button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
  4. Enter your passcode and you’ll be taken to the Consent page
  5. Read the consent message and after waking up press the ‘Install’ button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  6. Press the ‘Install’ button that appears at the bottom of the page.
  7. The machine will do it work. Once done it will take you to a page where you can press ‘Done’. The configuration profile is installed. On to installing iOS 14 beta.

III. Installing iOS 14 beta

A. Go to the main screen and then to Settings > General > Software Update

B. You should see a reference to ‘iOS 14 Public Beta ‘x’ where ‘x’ is the version of the beta
1. Press ‘Download and Install’
NOTE: If you don’t see the reference to Public Beta in Software Update… restart the device and go to (A) above.

2. The update will start downloading and installing. This process may take an hour or more…

IV. Final Steps

A. Once the device is updated go to General > Settings > Software Update and turn on ‘Automatic Updates’

B. Startup the ‘News’ app

WoodWing’s Smart Mover, version 10.5

The following features have been added in the latest release of Smart Mover, version 10.5:

This is a list of the new features:

  • Error message can now be posted to Slack.
  • The “Slack Message Post” Task was added.
  • You can now include user based Process Notes in addition to Task Notes for any Process.

Here are the changes to the product: 

  • New WoodWing branding for Enterprise and Elvis have been implemented. WW Studio and WW Assets are now used. This includes Task names. Existing Tasks using the old names will continue to run but newly created Tasks use the new branding.
  • Smart Mover Service support files and subfolders have also been renamed accordingly.
  • The WW Assets Modify MetaData Task now includes the option to “Undo CheckOut”.
  • Running Smart Mover Service on a Mac no longer requires running “RunmeOnce.app” before the service is first run.
  • Dark Mode is now supported for Smart Mover Manager.
  • The Copy Files Task now includes the option to delete empty subfolders. Previously they were automatically deleted.
  • When modifying any WW Assets Task that uses a query to select the assets to be processed you will get a warning if you are using the Query Builder to do that selection. The Query Builder is now deprecated and instead the Query String should be used.

WoodWing’s Smart Mover v10.4.1 – New Features

Screenshot 2020 04 16 11 35 50

In following up on the recent updates to Smart Mover (see v10.4 features here) I have listed the latest features to the product below. One of the new features was requested by a customer just last month and that is the ability to ‘Auto connect to service’. The Smart Mover service can, of course, be started up when the machine reboots. This feature allows the Manager to also come up if you need it to.

Smart Mover v10.4.1 was released on April 9th, 2020. It includes the following: 

  • Smart Mover Manager can now export Log file detail. Open the Log then select All or the entries you want and click export. Errors or warnings are indicated by an exclamation mark in first column.
  • The Preferences > Logs window includes the option to download the HTTP Logs from the Smart Mover Service machine to the Smart Mover Manager machine desktop. You can also Clear the Logs. This was done to eliminate the need to access the Smart Mover Service machine directly.
  • The Preferences >Misc window includes 2 options that are invoked when Smart Mover Manager is launched: “Open Connect Window to Service” and “Auto Connect to Service”. The first one simply opens the Connect window where you can enter the password and connect. The second will automatically connect to Smart Mover Service if the password has also been provided.
  • When setting up various Tasks the “select folder dialog” now includes the option to Upload files into the selected folder. You can now also Delete files or folders. This was done to eliminate the need to access the Smart Mover Service machine directly. The upload option should be used for scripts, templates and other supporting files and not for production files like images, layouts, and so on.
  • Image File Processing IM & SIPS both now allow the command to include data from an associated -metadata.xml file. This is done by entering {/pathToMetadata} in the command.


If you have any questions either hit me up here or send a note to ‘sales@woodwing.com’ and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

WoodWing’s Smart Mover v10.4 – New features

Been awhile since my last update and so, because of that, I thought I would start with information about Smart Mover’s latest features. 

Screenshot 2020 04 16 11 35 50

Smart Mover v10.4 was actually released back in November of 2019. It included the following: 


  • Support for MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) has been added.
  • The Copy Files Task now includes the option “Copy Files that have been stable for X seconds”. This option can be used to insure that each file is not still being written to by another application. Background: Before any Task operates on a file it checks to see if another application has the file open. It does this by briefly opening the file with write access. If the file cannot be opened then it is assumed that another app is still writing to it and it is skipped until the next time the Task runs. But there are some situations where this technique may not always work. To work around those times, using this option, the Task first gets a list of all the file sizes that it will be processing. It then waits for the designated number of seconds before it tries to copy each file. If the file size has changed during that delay or the file was not in the original list, it is skipped until the next time the Task is run.
  • Elvis Update Bulk Task added. This Task does the same as the Elvis Mod MetaData except that all the processing is done server side with a single command. The Elvis Mod MetaData runs the desired query and then updates each asset one at a time, logging each update. If you are updating more than a few hundred assets then you should use the Bulk Task. It is much faster but does not provide a detail log of the assets that have been updated. Once completed, the Bulk Task will log how many assets where updated along with the number of errors. No detail is available though.
  • Both Google and AWS Translate Tasks now include the option to “Add Translation Language Code to File Name”. This allows you to translate the same file into multiple languages and place them all into the same folder. So a file named “sometext.txt” translated into Spanish would be named “sometext-es.txt”.
  • Both Google and AWS Translate Tasks can now dynamically translate into languages designated in an associated -metadata.xml file. This is done by picking “-metadata.xml XPath” in the Translation Language pop-up and then providing an XPath valid expression.
  • Example: If I have a custom Enterprise field called “Languages” and a User enters “es” (the code for Spanish) into that field for a particular article, I can then use the Enterprise Download Task including both the “native” and “metadata” for that article. If I enter “//ExtraMetaData/ExtraMetaData[Property=’C_LANGUAGES’]/Values/String” into the XPath field then the article will be translated into Spanish. Additionally, if a comma-delimited list of language codes is provided in that field then the file will be translated into each of those languages. So if I entered “es,de” into the Languages custom field for the article, it would be translated into both Spanish and German. Each Translated file name will include the language code to differentiate them and prevent overwriting.
  • The AWS Translate Task now includes: Hindi, Malay, Norwegian, and Persian.
  • The Enterprise Check Out-In Task now includes the option to set the Status to any given value. This can be done for both the Check-Out and Check-In functions.




If you have any questions either hit me up here or send a note to ‘sales@woodwing.com’ and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

WoodWing’s Elvis DAM has been updated

Elvis DAM version 6.35 has been released!

We’ve got some some nice changes:

  • Pro client: Manually linking files.
  • Elvis REST API try-out page (BETA).
  • Elvis InDesign plug-in: disabling the automatic linking of images when opening a layout.

The first item is a feature that allows you to manually create a relationship between File A and File B by dragging File A onto File B in the client. Note that Elvis auto generates relationships as well such as creating relationships when you create a variant or drag an asset over to a InDesign layout.

The second item is really nice if you are developing an integration between Elvis and a tool like a PIM. Instead of using a tool like ‘Postman’ you can use the try-out page to see if the query is returning the items you are expecting.

See more here.