WoodWing Elvis – Brand Portal

Elvis 1

One of the features that I’m pretty excited about within Elvis is the brand portal. The combination of easy setup of the Brand Portal along with the ease of creating rules that allows access to the assets within the portal make for a pretty powerful tool. 

By making the access to assets (or removing access to assets) as simple as setting a metadata field (status: production) to users of the portal the creative staff can spend more time working on amazing new bits of material rather than managing assets, emailing new stuff to users, etc. 

Elvis Cloud even provides ‘view’ and ‘download’ counts for assets that allows a user to see if an asset is actually being used. 

Learn more about the Elvis and the Brand Portal feature here.

WoodWing Inception – Color swatches & drop shadows

Inception Landscape Logo Black rgb

Back on June 7th i wrote a quick blog post pointing out that the Inception tool has gained a series of small text editing tools. The Inception Product Manager wrote a great blog post on WoodWing.com that gives a bit more detail on the additions to the feature set. 

Here’s the link to the post. 

If you’re interested in Inception you can sign up for a 30-day trial here.

WoodWing Elvis and Salesforce


Imagine this: Your company makes stuff. Crazy, right?

Since you like to sell that stuff there’s a marketing group creating fantastic collateral for the sales staff. There’s another group that creates technical documentation used by a customer support team.

With Elvis those teams can store that material, make it searchable and using access rights and metadata make sure that the right version of the material is available at all times.

The Elvis/Salesforce integration allows a Customer Service Rep or sales staff to quickly access that material in Elvis Cloud, drag and drop it into an email and provide that information to your customers. 

This link will take you to the page on our web site describing the integration. That page has a video showing the integration as well. 

Take a look. If it looks like something you might be interested it, fill out the contact form and let’s talk!

WoodWing Inception and Pugpig – a webinar!

Inception Landscape Logo Black rgb

Earlier this week WoodWing and Pugpig put together a webinar to show folks how WoodWing’s Inception, a digital content production tool, and Pugpig can work together to get content to the Pugpig publishing platform.

Hit this link to view the recording of Maarten Fremouw (of WoodWing) and none other than Jonny Kaldor himself showing the tools at work. You can learn more about Inception here and more about Pugpig here

Keep in mind that Inception can push content to a variety of channels (including WoodWing’s own Enterprise multi-channel publishing system and to Adobe AEM Mobile).

Sign up here and try out Inception for 30 days free!

WoodWing Elvis DAM – v5.10

WoodWing’s Elvis DAM keeps getting better. A couple of days ago we released v5.10 which builds upon the last release by adding the following items:

  • Pro client and Brand portal: introduction of the Management Console
  • Pro client and Brand portal: changing the branding style
  • Pro client: changing the file type on check-in

Elvis 5 10 popdown

The first thing that the Management Console can be used for is to change the logo and colors of the brand portal, a feature introduced in v5.9.

You can learn more about the release here and learn more about Elvis DAM over on our web site, woodwing.com