WoodWing Inception – Bulk publishing of stories

Inception Landscape Logo Black rgb

The WoodWing product team for Inception has been adding features quite regularly. For this post I’m going to highlight one of the recent additions called ‘bulk publish’. 

Inception is Digital Content Production tool (learn more here) that allows users to create beautiful content using HTML and CSS. Since Inception was created users have been able to push this content to a variety of destinations. These destinations include WoodWing Enterprise, Adobe AEM Mobile, Facebook articles and the like. This publishing process was done on an article by article basis. That is, the user would select the ‘Publish’ icon after completion of the editing process and push that story to one or more destinations. 

‘Bulk Publish’ expands on that by allowing a user to select one or more Stories in the ‘Story View’, select the ‘Publish’ button from within the ‘Story View’ and publish all of the stories out of Inception. 

Inception Bulk publish

In the image above I have selected the stories labeled ‘Space’ and can then select the ‘Publish’ button. This feature required a few changes in the UI behavior of Inception and the addition of the ‘Publish’ button to the ‘Story View’. 

So, in summary, users can now push 1 or more stories out of inception easily and efficiently.

Learn more about Inception here and read the product blog to learn more about this feature.