Smart Mover v10.3

A new pre-release of Smart Mover is available, version 10.3

  1. The “Copy Files” Task now includes the option “Copy Files that have been stable for X seconds”. This option can be used to insure that each file is not still being written to by another application.
  2. Added “Elvis Update Bulk” Task. This Task does the same as the “Elvis Mod MetaData” Task except that all the processing is done server side with a single command. It should be used when you need to update more than a few hundred assets.
  3. Both Google and AWS Translate include the option to “Add Translation Language Code to File Name”. This allows you to translate the same file into multiple languages and place them all into the same folder.
  4. Both Google and AWS Translate can now dynamically translate into languages designated in an associated -metadata.xml file. This is done by picking “-metadata.xml XPath” in the Translation Language popup and then providing an XPath valid expression.
  5. AWS Translate now includes: Hindi, Malay, Norwegian, and Persian.
  6. If Smart Mover Manager has found an Enterprise wwSettings.xml file the path to that file is now displayed on the “About” window. This was done to make it easier to determine which wwSettings.xml file is being used.
  7. When any Task logs into Enterprise the URL to that server is now included in the Log entry. Previously only the server name was included.


  1. The Image File Processing (IM) Task now includes better error messages if it fails.
  2. Elvis login code has been refactored to better handle load balancers.