WoodWing’s Smart Mover v10.4.1 – New Features

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In following up on the recent updates to Smart Mover (see v10.4 features here) I have listed the latest features to the product below. One of the new features was requested by a customer just last month and that is the ability to ‘Auto connect to service’. The Smart Mover service can, of course, be started up when the machine reboots. This feature allows the Manager to also come up if you need it to.

Smart Mover v10.4.1 was released on April 9th, 2020. It includes the following: 

  • Smart Mover Manager can now export Log file detail. Open the Log then select All or the entries you want and click export. Errors or warnings are indicated by an exclamation mark in first column.
  • The Preferences > Logs window includes the option to download the HTTP Logs from the Smart Mover Service machine to the Smart Mover Manager machine desktop. You can also Clear the Logs. This was done to eliminate the need to access the Smart Mover Service machine directly.
  • The Preferences >Misc window includes 2 options that are invoked when Smart Mover Manager is launched: “Open Connect Window to Service” and “Auto Connect to Service”. The first one simply opens the Connect window where you can enter the password and connect. The second will automatically connect to Smart Mover Service if the password has also been provided.
  • When setting up various Tasks the “select folder dialog” now includes the option to Upload files into the selected folder. You can now also Delete files or folders. This was done to eliminate the need to access the Smart Mover Service machine directly. The upload option should be used for scripts, templates and other supporting files and not for production files like images, layouts, and so on.
  • Image File Processing IM & SIPS both now allow the command to include data from an associated -metadata.xml file. This is done by entering {/pathToMetadata} in the command.


If you have any questions either hit me up here or send a note to ‘sales@woodwing.com’ and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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