Updating to iOS 14 Public Beta

These steps assume, if you have a new device, that you have gone through the basic steps
setting up the device, getting it on your network, etc.

If you are installing on a older device make sure you have enough storage to install. You’ll need 5 to 6 gigs. To check how much storage you have by going to Settings > General > iPhone Storage.

I. When you are ready…

A. If the device is not plugged in.. plug your device into power

B. Back up your device

C. Using your device go to: https://beta.apple.com

D. Click on the ‘Sign up’ button

E. Sign in using your Apple ID

F. Scroll to the bottom of the ‘agreement’ page and click on ‘Accept’ button to sign your life away

G. You’ll end up on the ‘Guide’ page. Make SURE to select ‘iOS’ if you’re on a phone or
click on ‘iPad OS’ if you are on an iPad.

H. In the ‘Get Started’ area there is a link called ‘enroll your iOS device’ within the text of the paragraph. Click on that link.

II. Installation of the configuration profile

After clicking on the link you’ll come to a page with a set of instructions that include the following:

A. Back up your device. If you’ve already done this great, if not do it now.

B. Install profile – Click on the ‘Download Profile’ button to install the profile

  1. You’ll get a on-screen notification about ‘this web site is trying to download…’
    a. Press the ‘Accept’ button
  2. You will get a notification that the ‘Profile Downloaded.
    a. Press Close.
  3. You may get a notification about backing up the iPhone.
    a. If so, tap on it and it will take you into Settings > iCloud > Backup

    b. If you have backed up great…if not do so.

c. If you are not already there go to the Settings App.

  1. Below your iCloud information you should see an entry titled ‘Profile Downloaded’
  2. Tap on ‘Profile Downloaded’. You’ll be taken to a page titled ‘Install Profile’
  3. Tap on the ‘Install’ button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
  4. Enter your passcode and you’ll be taken to the Consent page
  5. Read the consent message and after waking up press the ‘Install’ button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  6. Press the ‘Install’ button that appears at the bottom of the page.
  7. The machine will do it work. Once done it will take you to a page where you can press ‘Done’. The configuration profile is installed. On to installing iOS 14 beta.

III. Installing iOS 14 beta

A. Go to the main screen and then to Settings > General > Software Update

B. You should see a reference to ‘iOS 14 Public Beta ‘x’ where ‘x’ is the version of the beta
1. Press ‘Download and Install’
NOTE: If you don’t see the reference to Public Beta in Software Update… restart the device and go to (A) above.

2. The update will start downloading and installing. This process may take an hour or more…

IV. Final Steps

A. Once the device is updated go to General > Settings > Software Update and turn on ‘Automatic Updates’

B. Startup the ‘News’ app

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