WoodWing’s Smart Mover, v10.7

Just a few changes to this version. Integration with Webhooks and some security changes. See the release notes below.

This release includes more new features and enhancements than any in recent memory.  For a complete list visit the Release Notes

Highlights include:

  • Support for WW Assets WebHooks along with new Tasks that access AWS & Google image based Artificial Intelligence services.
  • For improved security, stronger encryption is used to store all passwords, secret keys and other sensitive settings.  
  • The Preferences window has been redesigned to include separate and more comprehensive tabs for WW Assets and Security settings.  The new design minimizes the need to access the machine running Mover Service as you can now change settings that previously required editing the SmartMoverService.conf file.

Important Note:

For the reason noted below, before running this new version you should backup all your settings using the Mover Manager File->Back Settings menu.

All passwords, access keys, secret keys, etc that are stored in the various Task settings files are now more strongly encrypted than in previous versions.  For existing installs, when this version of Smart Mover Service is first started the additional encryption is automatically added.  Great care and testing has been done to make sure this process works correctly but should you start to get any unexpected security related errors simply renter the password for that Process and Task. And please report the name of the problem Task to WoodWing Support.

Updating this encryption does make reverting to a previous version of Smart Mover more difficult as older versions will not be able to decrypt the newly stored passwords.  If for some reason you do need to revert versions you can either re-enter the passwords or revert to the backup mentioned above.  If neither of these are not viable options then contact WoodWing Support.

Learn more about Smart Mover by going to woodwing.com or contacting your local WoodWing partner.

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