Installing OPCache

The latest version of WoodWing’s Enterprise Multi-Channel Publishing System, version 9.1, takes advantage of PHP OPcache.

OPcache is part of PHP 5.5 and can be installed via pecl for v5.2 to v5.4.

When installing Enterprise the Test Suite will notify you that OPcache is not installed (it will do so when checking the php.ini settings. So, clearly the first thing is install the feature.)

I use MacPorts to maintain my Apache/PHP installation so here’s what I did to install on my machine:

  • sudo port self update
  • port install php54-opcache

If you are running PHP v5.3 then the command is:

  • port installl php53-opcache

MacPorts does its thing and when it’s finished…BAZING! we have OPcache installed.

I added the following line to my php.ini file:

zend_extension = /opt/local/lib/php53/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20090626/

Make sure that this line comes after the line for Ioncube.

Restart Apache. I navigated back to the Health Test and selected ‘php.ini’ to test. The test came through as good.

PHP OPcache is installed and ready to go!

WoodWing Enterprise and SOLR4

Apache Solr

In the process of upgrading my personal machine Enterprise v9.2.

This version of Enterprise includes support for Solr4. Pretty easy update on the ol’ Mac with MacPorts.

  1. Start the Terminal application
  2. Enter ‘sudo port install apache-solr4’ and press enter

MacPorts does its thing. 

I also upgraded our Windows server running in the Amazon S3 service. A little different process but just as easy.

Lots of nice stuff in Enterprise v9.2. More about that soon. 

Update: In case you are curious here is the path to the solrconfig.xml and schema.xml files (default)